Ring Sizes

One of the hardest tasks when buying jewellery online is to determine ring sizes. This small text provides some guidance to our customers in that matter. 

In Kiko Ourivesarias we use european standard sizes, for example 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and so on. 

The type of ring and its shape can influence the accuracy of determining its size. Our suggestion is for you to measure the diameter of a ring you already own or from the person's ring to which you want to make an offer. In order to surprise her/him try to ask their friends or family the right ring size or try to borrow a ring from them. 

Bear in mind that when the ring is being used, the finger should feel confortable but tight enough so the ring does not fall, even though it should slide along the finger. 

In order to identify the right size for the ring, print the image below and put your fingers in the circles after cutting them out. The one that fits you corresponds to your size.